Repetitive Stress Injuries Should Not Disrupt Your Life

#SunnyvaleCA Hello. I am Dr. Tropea, from Sunnyvale, California. As a chiropractor, I have helped hundreds of patients who were dealing with pain from repetitive stress injuries. I see more and more cases of it all the time. Many patients are coming to my office at 260 S Sunnyvale Ave, 94086, suffering from pain that [...]

What Is The Root of Your Headaches?

#SunnyvaleCA Did you know that many headaches are the result of problems with the neck, shoulders and back? Did you also know that many of your headaches can be eliminated with the care from a qualified chiropractor? Hello there. My name is Dr. Tropea, and I am a chiropractor in Sunnyvale, California. I have seen [...]


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Must Try: Chiropractic Care For a Bad Back

#SunnyvaleCA Hello to everyone in Sunnyvale, California. Dr. Tropea here and I want to help you deal with all of your chiropractic needs, including problems that you have with bad backs. Whether it has happened because of a work injury, a sports injury or because of a genetic or degenerative disorder, your bad back may [...]

Dealing with Sprains and Strains

#SunnyvaleCA Hello there, California! If you live in or around Sunnyvale, I am here to help you deal with the pain and discomfort of sprains and strains no matter what has caused them. As a well-known chiropractor in Sunnyvale, I see patients dealing with various sprains and strains on a daily baisis. The Many Causes [...]

Stiffness and Soreness In Joints Doesn’t Have To Get You Down

#SunnyvaleCA Hello. My name is Dr. Tropea, and I am a chiropractor in Sunnyvale, California. Are you suffering from stiffness and soreness in your joints? Are you tired of taking medications that do not work, are addictive or make you so sleepy that you can’t perform your normal daily tasks? You can ease your pain [...]

Helping Ease Pain Caused By Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

#SunnyvaleCA Hello California! My name is Dr. Tropea and I want to help the people who live in and around Sunnyvale to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome. As a chiropractor in the city of Sunnyvale, I see many of your friends and family members who are also dealing with the horrible pain of carpal tunnel [...]

Work Injuries

#SunnyvaleCA Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Tropea,a chiropractor located in Sunnyvale, California. Whether you have a new or old work injury, I can help you. The first step of this process is simple: we need to establish the extent of the problem that you are having and design a plan to [...]

We Can Effectively Put An End to Mid-Back Pain

#SunnyvaleCA My name is Dr. Tropea and I want to help you, the folks in and around Sunnyvale to deal with your troubling mid-back pain. I am a chiropractor in Sunnyvale, and I see literally hundreds of patients who have many kinds of mid-back pain on a daily basis. I have seen many of these [...]

Chiropractic Care For Asthma Patients

#SunnyvaleCA Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 20 million Americans suffer from asthma and many of these people do not even realize that they have the condition? Asthma is a condition that can be controlled through medications, but if you do not want to spend your life using [...]