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Monday, 7:45 pm

Dear Carpal Tunnel Sufferer,

You’re about to get the real deal, the plain truth on how to get relief from  Carpal Tunnel Pain the safe and healthy way. Most sufferers in Sunnyvale never knew this tiny little unknown truth until they read this report. Their eyes became open to the simple solution…and they finally rejoiced when they relieved this dastardly condition of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

If you have wrist pain or you’ve been suffering from any variation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you’re going to love this letter! It truly contains the secret to relieving your wrist pain and healing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in a safe, healthy way! And you may be saying right now , “That’s all great, fine and dandy…


I know. It hurts. You hate typing, You hate writing, You’re not as effective and productive. You can’t take the pain!! You’re fed up. Your aching wrists just about ruin everything from your productivity at work to a night out with your friends. And it seems you’ve tried everything. You do the stretches, the bends, the walks to the water fountain, anything to ease and forget about the pain.

You probably remember when you first started to experience discomfort. You probably never imagined it would get like this. You thought it would go away, but like so many others, it just keeps getting worse. You hear the horror stories of surgery, maybe you’re considering it. Even though you don’t want to go through with it…you just want your wrists back!

I know it’s difficult. I see many people such as yourself that ask, “When is it going to stop?”

Hi, my name is Dr. Tropea. I have helped many people with wrist pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I decided to write this report because my office is flooded with people asking questions about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Like yourself they want answers.

Believe me, I want to help you but if you want the pain to stop, you must listen very closely to what I’m about to say about getting your life back and relieving the pain in your wrist. And you should forget about everything you ever heard before about wrist pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You may even have to take a few steps back. It’s not your fault. I’m sure you’ve tried to get the right help, but only the truth is going to help you now.

It’s like going through a tough emotional, disagreement with a close friend and then trying to make the situation better by approaching the individual to rectify everything, but in the process of doing so, you make the matter worse. The person became angry. As a result, they don’t want to speak to you anymore. How would that make you feel? The feeling would be terrible.

You see, you took a step forward to make things right, but ended up going three steps back. It’s the same with many Carpal Tunnel Sufferers. If they only knew what you’re about to discover, it could have possibly saved them time, money, and many days of pain and suffering…

“Here’s The Grave Mistake That Many Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Victims Make…”

Taking 3 steps back is bad but it’s because most people believe and fall prey to all the fallacies and old wives’ tales that are out there about Carpal Tunnel relief.

For instance, when most of my Carpal Tunnel patients first come in, I ask them (most walk into my office with their splints on or their pills in hand, eyes watering with pain as they take out their insurance card or to complete the patient questionnaire), “What took you so long, what prevented you from coming in sooner?”

Nine out of ten times these helpless almost hopeless patients reply, “My family doctor told me to ___________” Or “My good friend told me to__________” …”but it didn’t work, I’m still in pain and I can’t take it!”

Now, you can fill in the blanks above with:

-take medication
-wear these splints
-get a cortisone shot
-have surgery
-do these exercises

the list goes on…

Why didn’t these things work to cure their Carpal Tunnel aches and pains? Why do many people GET WORSE when they do these things? Why don’t these things work for many, misled people every day? Simple. The reason is: These are temporary solutions. They address the symptom not the problem.

Then why are all these fallacies and old wives’ tales circulating so fast and being believed by the public?  Who’s spreading them? Unfortunately, most of the time it’s doctors who really don’t know any better. Are the doctors hiding something, and why don’t they just come clean and give us the real deal answers?

“Why Many Doctors Wish You Never Knew This Little Tiny Secret…”

First, don’t get me wrong, I love family doctors! I have nothing against them. However, if my family doctor tried to fix my plumbing, I wouldn’t feel he was qualified or knowledgeable about this subject. This goes exactly the same with most doctors regarding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

They don’t have a clue how to fix the problem because it’s not what they were trained to do! Nothing against them, they just weren’t schooled on finding the cures, i.e., treating the cure of wrist pain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They’re not a doctor that exclusively deals with Carpal Tunnel sufferers everyday, day in, and day out.

Many don’t want you to know that finding the source of the pain will cure the problem, because they are not trained to find the source. No one likes to expose their “lack of”, especially when that someone is supposed to know. This results in un-needed operations and useless procedures, both we’ll speak about that in a second.

To sum it up, most doctors treat the wrist, i.e., the spot of the pain, not the actual source of pain. In effect, they treat the symptom not the root of the problem. It’s not because they’re intentions are bad, it’s just because they’re not trained to treat the root of the problem, only the symptoms.

My goal with the next 3-5 minutes is to give you some critical knowledge and information that will help you take the steps to relieve your wrist pain the safe and healthy way by finding the exact culprit that’s causing it!

Carpal Tunnel wrist pain is tough to live with. You’re constantly nagged. It’s incredible how such a small thing can literally ruin your quality of life, your productivity and even your quest towards your family and personal goals.

You must not allow some silly little carpal bones in your wrist rob you of the quality of life you deserve. However, whatever you do, despite how desperate you may be getting, do not go the route I’m about to explain…

“Discover What Happens To Many People Who Try To Treat Their Carpal Tunnel Pain With Drugs, Surgery Or Wrist Splints!”

(The Horrifying Truth About What These Things Do To Carpal Tunnel Sufferers)

Plain and simple, drugs and medication may make things worse for you. They’re a temporary fix. They numb the pain only, they do not heal the problem. They also have deadly side effects. One woman I know was on cortisone too long, became dependent on it, and literally destroyed her bone structure. Her bones became weak and fragile and would break at the slightest impact.

Then we have the surgical option. Carpal Tunnel surgery is rarely successful. A man I know had surgery just a few months ago. Not only was he out of work for 3-4 weeks (only received basic pay, lost money), but his surgery made things worse. Now he doesn’t have any feeling in his index finger tip and still suffers from wrist pain. In many cases, surgery is rolling the dice, taking a wishful shortcut that rarely solves the problem permanently.

Wrist splints are not only can be embarrassing, but face it, wrist splints are uncomfortable. They stand out and they make everyone look at you wondering what’s going on.

I believe the biggest problem with wrist splints is they are just another form of temporary relief and they cause scar tissue to develop in the wrist which can lead to bigger, long term problems. Wearing wrist splints is like wearing a band aid when you really need stitches; not only does it leave you open for worst problems, it’s only a temporary fix, it doesn’t “heal” the problem.

So, what do you do to cure your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, to relieve the ache and get back to doing the things you used to do before the sore, tender wrist pain came along? You must take some sort of action that will get to the root of your problem and systematically work to take care of your pain once and for all!

“Give Me 10-15 Minutes And You May Be On Your Way To Being Pain FREE, Have Your Life Back, And Avoid Any Future Pain And Suffering”

If you’re willing to simply take an action step in the right direction, you can be pain free and get your life back fast, but more importantly, avoid any future pain and suffering. This is where most people have the most trouble. Not actually knowing what they must do, it’s actually doing it. Procrastination is the biggest obstacle you need to overcome.

The best way to do this is to force yourself to move away from any excuse, and take definite action towards what you know needs to be done. Are you beyond the thinking stage and ready to take the action you need to? If so, in a minute I’m going to ask you to give me 10-15 minutes of your time and a total opportunity to take the first step you need to start working on fixing your wrist pain.

You need to take advantage of this opportunity so someone that deals with this everyday can determine your actual reason for wrist pain.

The bottom line of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is that there is a tightening of the structures of the wrist causing an irritation on the tendons and sheaths, nerves and blood vessels passing through the wrist.

Before doing anything, you must have someone examine the wrist and hand to determine if you do indeed have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Even though you may have been diagnosed with it, it may be something totally different and easier to fix.

Several specific orthopedic, chiropractic and nerve tests can be done to accurately determine CTS. The proper diagnosis must rule out misalignments, fractures, rheumatoid or osteoarthritis and Paget’s disease, gout.myxedema, multiple myleoma, acromegaly (and other big words that sound complicated). These tests are quick and simple. But they will put us in the right ball park to hopefully discovering and curing your pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can come from many things, not just wrist problems:

1. Muscle spasms in the chest

2. Neck vertebrae that need chiropractic adjustment

3. Nerves that are pressed between the collarbone and ribs (from carrying heavy items on the shoulders such as a one side backpack strap or handbag or ropes over shoulders to carry buckets, etc.)

4. Vertebrae in the upper back (or, for that matter, anywhere in the spine) that need adjustment or alignment

5. Incorrect ergonomics or “not working smart”, which leads to various muscle spasms and distorted posture, resulting in nerve irritation

6. Clenching or grinding teeth, which can cause myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome, affecting the whole body, shoulders, arms and hands included

7. Subluxations and/or muscle spasms anywhere from the hand and arm up to the neck

Wouldn’t you want to rule out these things so you know for sure what’s going on?

“Who Else Wants Live Pain FREE?”

We’re located right here in Sunnyvale and we can help determine the source of your pain.  We’re offering any Carpal Tunnel sufferer a FREE Consultation that may determine exactly what is causing the wrist pain. All you have to do is say yes and take it.

This FREE Consultation will only be available for a limited time by calling (408) 329-9604.

For you, it’s perfect timing. Here’s why:

  • First, you must take care of your problem. You need to find out exactly what the real, true cause of your wrist pain is. We’ve already established all that.
  • Second, you don’t want to continue to hope you’ll find out on your own and put off the problem even more than you may have already. You know that, chances are, you’ll develop an advanced case of serious wrist malfunction. This would be very bad.
  • Third, you also know that it’s not the smartest thing to go to a non-wrist pain doctor because he or she may recommend some of the not so smart things we spoke about: drugs, surgery, meds, etc. All very bad and moving in the opposite direction you need to be going.
  • Fourth, you need to spend a few minutes with a doctor that deals with wrist pain and Carpal Tunnel pain. That’s exactly what we do here at Tropea Chiropractic Inc.

To get your FREE Consultation, call (408) 329-9604.

“If You Want To Feel Better And Finally Take Care Of Your Wrist Pain, Take This Tiny Little First Step And Work Towards Getting Rid Of It For Good!”

25 individuals that were diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome reported significant improvements in several measures of strength, range of motion, and pain after receiving treatment you’re going to get!

Chances are, we can get you feeling better!
Here’s what you need to do now if you want to take the first steps to get your life back and rid your wrists of that awful nagging feeling:

  1. Call (408) 329-9604 for your FREE Consultation

You have nothing to lose. Let us help you, it’s what we do every day and we know exactly what you’re going through.

Remember, don’t put this off. Even if for some reason you’re still considering surgery, family doctor recommendations, or pills, you must try to solve the real problem first before doing the temporary options and before your problem gets worse and worse due to neglect. We can help.

Again, just contact us now and let us take care of the rest. The ball’s in your court!

To your health,

Dr. Tropea

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